Over 40 Years of law practicise experience.

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Practice Areas

Agency & Distributorship
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Appellate Practice
Banking & Finance
Business & Industry Law
Commercial Law & Litigation
Construction Law & Accidents
Corporate Law & Litigation
Criminal Law
Finance & Financial Services Law
Insurance & Reinsurance
International Investments
International Law
International Trade
Investment Law
Joint Ventures
Maritime Law
Mergers & Acquisitions
Personal Injury
Property Law & Real Estate

International Trade

Nassar Law Firm's international trade team handles the full range of international and national legal issues arising from the increasing global trade in goods and services. The practice encompasses international trade regulation and disputes, from advising governments and private parties in free trade negotiations, to litigating disputes, to handling import dispute cases, including antidumping, countervailing duty, and intellectual property infringement cases.

Our trade compliance practice extends to internal investigations and representing clients in agency investigations and penalty proceedings, both civil and criminal.


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