Over 40 Years of law practicise experience.

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Practice Areas

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Construction Law & Accidents

The construction team at Nassar Law Firm understand the needs of our construction clients well. We are able to effectively deal with commercial issues and with disputes arising out of construction contracts and work and we are aware of the industry's idiosyncratic demands and issues.

We are able to deal with adjudications arising out of the latest legislation and with other dispute resolutions, court action or arbitration, whilst keeping costs and delays to a minimum.

The Firm's experience can be best summarized by reference to recent cases:-

- Acting for a construction company in liquidation.
- Advising on terms and conditions applicable to construction contracts, including review and
- Advising employers on delay and defaults caused by main contractor entering into a formal
  insolvency process.
- Advising on the appointment of professionals and on collateral warranty claims.
- Advising on disputes/negligence actions with or against sub-contractors, architects, surveyors
  and other professionals.
- Advice on guarantees and performance bonds including enforcement.
- Advising on liquidated damages clauses, penalties and loss.
- Negotiating and preparing contract documentation for large development construction


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