Over 40 Years of law practicise experience.

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Practice Areas

Agency & Distributorship
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Appellate Practice
Banking & Finance
Business & Industry Law
Commercial Law & Litigation
Construction Law & Accidents
Corporate Law & Litigation
Criminal Law
Finance & Financial Services Law
Insurance & Reinsurance
International Investments
International Law
International Trade
Investment Law
Joint Ventures
Maritime Law
Mergers & Acquisitions
Personal Injury
Property Law & Real Estate

Banking & Finance

For many years we have worked with a number of leading banks and financial institutions on a variety of complex national and international transactions giving us a comprehensive understanding of the banking and financial markets. In recent years and especially in the last two years, we have attracted increased workflow from financial institutions generally.

Lawyers in this firm have gained wide ranging experience within the national and international corporate finance and corporate banking market and we provide advice on:

Corporate and business bank lending
Acquisition finance, share and asset acquisition funding, MBO/MBI
Corporate finance
Property acquisition and investment finance
Property development finance
Corporate restructuring to include distressed debt restructuring and insolvency
Receivables, asset and trade finance
All types of corporate, business and personal security.


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